Wednesday, 3 October 2012

K2-BC - Via Gondogoro La Treks

K2 Base Camp Via Gondogoro La Treks is the best known trekking area in the world ,is that spectacular conjunction of Godwin Austen and Baltoro Glaciers  called Concordia . Lying in the heart of the most heavily glaciated region outside the polar areas .Within a radius of 12 miles rise six peaks over 20,000 feet . This is the Center of the densest concentration of lofty peaks on earth .
Gondogoro La 5550-M:
K2 BC Via Gondogoro La Trek Gives one of the greatest and loveliest mountain Panoramas  on earth.In a small are there are four peaks above 8000 meters are nestled beside hundreds of peaks of varying altitude and beauty.The scenery here truly can’t be matched anywhere else in the world.
Some of these magnificent mountains in the karakoram range are Masherbrum (25,600) Mustagh Tower (23,690) K2 (28,741) Broad Peak  (26,400) Gasherbrum IV ( 26,810) Sia Kangri  (24,350) Golden Throne (23.989) Mitre Peak (19,718) Chogolisa (25,110) and Hidden Peak (26,470) etc…….

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