Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and ninth highest in the world. It in not part of the Karakoram as it is the western extremity of the mighty Himalaya. It is separated from the Karakoram by the mighty Indus River. Nanga Parbat, Sanskrit for “Naked Mountain” is so named because some of its slopes are so steep that they are bereft of vegetation and snow. According to the local old legend, Nanga Parbat is also called Diamir, which means abode of fairies. It is believed that the Queen of fairies lives there in a castle made of solid crystal-clear ice, which is guarded by gigantic snow serpents and frogs. Nanga Parbat is not a single peak but consists of 20km long series of peaks and ridges culminating in an ice crest of (8125m). 
Its South Face known as Rupal Face is (5000m) high, while the North or Raikot Face plunging over (7000m) from the summit to the Indus forms one of the world’s deepest gorge. This expedition takes us to the West Side, which is known as Diamir Face. 
Because of the 2013 shootings in  “fairy meadows” we will choose to climb Nanga Parbat from the Rupal Face this time; Here Base Camp is a safe place frequently patrolled by Amry and Police. The route we follow will be the  Hanns Schell route; this is the easiest slightly longer route on the Rupal Face. This expedition is a collaboration between some mayor expedition outfitters; we will follow the same strategic as on our 100% successful K2 expeditions in 2012 & 2014; this will ensure us enough manpower on the mountain! 

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